Home office has become the norm since the outbreak of the Covid virus. It is still quite a new way of work in Mauritius. Our company has been one of the first to implement home office in our work routine. However, it didn’t mean that some of us have used their privilege to stay quietly at home some days. Consequently, since Covid happened we gathered the insights of all our colleagues for whom it was the first time working at home. Here are their advices to keep up the good work while confined in their homes:


1 – Keep up the discipline to succeed your home office challenge

The tentation to stay in your PJ’s is great, we admit it. However, bad idea, really bad. If you’re a beginner when it comes to home office you need to keep your daily work routine. That means wake up at an appropriate time, shower and dress as you would if you went to office. This will help you get in the mood and wash out any thoughts of procrastination.

2 – Establish a schedule

Establish your day schedule, at this point to-do lists will save you. Be careful with to-do lists though. Don’t make enormous to-do lists. Indeed, there is a 100% chance you won’t be able to make it at the end of the day. To-do lists will help you articulate your day and even your week. You’ll figure out what tasks can be done within the day or those that will need more time. Equally to help you you can assign a specific amount of time per task to avoid loosing your focus and also stay organized.

3 – Take breaks as usual

Keep the breaks you used to have during office hours. This will help you with the two previous points. However, it is understandable that working at home is not the same as working in the office since you have no colleagues to tease when you want to lift up your face from your computer screen. To overcome this the MeetYourJob team has created a special whereby room called coffee break for colleagues to have a nice chat sometimes.

4 – Keep focused

If after all the routine keep up points you still can’t manage it, don’t worry, we have the ultimate solution. Download a timer. If you’re on OS you can download befocused which is a great productivity app and it’s free! Personally my ultimate timer is 25 minutes of work for 5 minutes of break but you can adjust it depending on your own rythme.

5 – Beware of the impostor’s syndrom when doing home office

The impostor’s syndrom is a psychological bias where you have the impression you’re not good enough when it comes to your job. This can be really remnant when you’re alone at home with your computer as sole company. To fight this syndrom, management needs to be even more present than usual and recognize their colleagues work more often.

We hope this cheat sheet helped you!



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