We all have bad habits when it comes to work. Some are worst than the others but hey, 2020 is there and so you can shove all the guilt away and start brand new! Anyway that’s what we decided to do this infographic as a team and listed our bad work habits. We  took the ones we had in common and our ways to overcome them.


Going in too many directions, first bad work habit

Our first bad work habit was going into too many directions at the same time. We lost track of our final objectives and as such our productivity was reduced. When overwhelmed by our jobs, it’s quite easy to panic and forget what’s important. Therefore, the first thing we needed to do was to take a very deep breath and then get organised well ahead of time to avoid this situation. By establishing larger time-scale schedules we managed to get a better understanding of what tasks were important at this moment.

Procrastinating, a dangerous penchant

Next, the old redundant annoying lady procrastination. Wether when we were students trying to find some motivation to write a mandatory thesis or today while working we all went through this experience full of guilt. But didn’t you notice that it was only when facing time-consuming tasks? So the best way out of it is to break those enormous tasks into small bits. Create a path with levels, it won’t seem like an insurmontable effort anymore.

Abusing exclamation marks!

Stop abusing exclamation marks! We love them too, every sentence should be punctuated with this beautiful punctuation. However, at some point it gets a little bit too much. People will still find you nice even if you don’t put them everywhere. Equally, same applies with emojis.

Being too lazy, bad work habit of 2020 to fix

Finally, being lazy might take the first place of worst work habit of 2020. It’s okay to be a little lazy sometimes, I mean we can’t always be on the top of our capacities all the time. We’re still humans when it comes to the end. Nonetheless, sometimes laziness if abused can make you miss opportunities that could open you new doors. I know going to a networking event on saturday morning is not what you were planning for your week-end, but still, you. need. to. go. You might end up meeting your next career path and if not, you will meet interesting people.

So keep up the efforts and get rids of those hindrances. Equally, if you need a bit of inspiration to get to your top work capacities check our infographic about the best podcasts of 2020 to boost your career here . 

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